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Five Acre



2013 Original Herd


2014 Buck of Carley

Sweet Pea

2013 Original Herd


2014 Doe of Carley


Original Herd


2016 Doe of Parker & Moto


Doe of Nellie / Original Herd


2016 Doe of  Ruby & Colt


2016 Doe of Ruby and Colt


2016 New Buckling for Next Few Breeding Seasons


Our Five Acre Homestead's Mascot - 2014 Buckling of Sweet Pea & Remington.  Born on a 5 degree night in January.  Cold and lifeless when we found him.  Brought him in by the fire - warmed him - returned him to his mother, but she abandoned him.  For 3 months, he lived in the house, sleeping in a clothes basket by our bed.  When his brothers  were sold, Sweet Pea took him back.  He's our whether - and will hopefully learn to pull a cart this summer.


2016 Doe of Parker & Moto


Original Herd


2016 Doe of

Carley & Moto


2015 Doe of Nellie & Colt


2015 Doe 

of Nellie and Colt


2016 Doe

of Nellie and Colt


Purebred Nubian Buck

The Kline Family

Michele grew up on a "hobby" farm in Greene County, New York.  Her family had a few goats, rabbits, chickens, horses, and an occasional beef cow.  She was a 4H member and took agricultural education in high school becoming very active in the Greenville FFA.  She earned degrees from SUNY Cobleskill and Cornell University and eventually became a high school agricultural sciences teacher.  Eventually (in 2011) Michele met Bert who loved the outdoors and always wanted to have a farm.  He and his son Joshua raised meat and egg-laying chickens for years.  Michele and Bert officially began farming in the summer of 2013 by raising flocks of Narragansett Turkeys and egg-laying chickens.  They started raising pigs in 2012 for their own and their family's freezers.  They added Freedom Ranger (meat) chickens and finally goats.  Their animals are raised humanely and are never fed animal bi-products. Chicken and goats are free-range and any supplemental food for birds and pigs consists of a soy/corn blend.  They use as much of any animals that are processed, canning lard as well as  stock from the chickens and turkeys.  Hides are tanned.  They only own five acres, but they make the most of it and dream of a day when they can expand their operation.

We purchased our first dairy goats from wonderful folks near Montrose, PA.  Thelma and Nellie were still producing.  Falcour (who we named Snowflake) and Ruby were just a few months old at the time.  They are now adults and will be bred this fall adding to our production.  Learning as we go, we learned that milk from Nubians have a higher fat content - making better cheese and a more moisturizing lotion.  So we decided to buy our own full-blood Nubian buckling (Colt) to eventually increase our milk quality.  Our does are part Saanen though - a breed known for quantity.  Hopefully, we'll have the best of both worlds!  We bred Thelma to a Boer (a meat breed) and she gave us triplets - one doeling (Katie) will be joining our dairy herd as she has a great personality and Nubian characteristics. 

December 2016 update....  WE ARE MAXED OUT!!  That means that we have no more room on OUR FIVE ACRE HOMESTEAD for any more goats.  All of our upcoming offspring must go.  If you're interested in a goat or two, please let us know.  

Interest in making use of our upper field, which was growing thick with goldenrod and brush, we first thought about meat goats.  Friends of ours who raise meat goats, blessed us with goat meat at our picnic wedding.  We were sold.  

We added Boers - Carley, Sweet Pea, and Buddy (a buckling) to our heard.  Both the does were bred (thanks Lorinda!) and Buddy had a brief encounter with Thelma (our dairy doe).  On perhaps one of the coldest nights of the winter, Sweet Pea gave us triplets - two nights later, Carley followed suit.  Two weeks later, Thelma made it a "hat trick" with our third set of triplets - offspring  of Buddy.    We decided that Thelma's doeling (Katie Did) would be a future provider of milk for our soap and her future 25%  Boer kids would be added to our meat herd.   Remington is Carley's buckling - we considered him the pick of the litter.  After we received the breeder statement and did some research, we learned that he has fantastic bloodlines with THREE "enobled" ancestors  (Read more about Enobling at  He will be one of our breeder bucks for our goat meat production.   We are also going to experiment with Nubian/Boer crosses as we've heard that the offspring should have the bigger frame of a Nubian goat with the Boer's muscle mass.  

Currently, we process our own goats for our family.  Once our herd increases in size, we will offer them for sale and arrange for processing according to our customers' needs.

Meat Goats

Dairy Goats