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Five Acre


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Goat Milk Products

Michele's parents raised a few goats when she was young, so she grew up drinking goat milk.  Her mom made cheese and yogurt as well.  For a family who wanted to raise their own food on five acres, raising a few goats seemed the logical choice for "raising your own"  dairy products.  It wasn't long, however, that we learned that there was more money being expended on the goats than the value of the 3 quarts of milk we were getting each day.  That's how we came to make and sell soap.

We milk each morning.   All of our goat milk is filtered and chilled immediately.  For soap, the milk is measured (4 cups per batch), poured, and frozen in ice cube trays.  For lotion, it is pasteurized (heated to 165 degrees, held for 15 seconds, and cooled quickly).  It is used within 2 days in our lotion recipe.    

We also make some wonderful Feta Cheese -- but we are not yet equipped to meet New York's rigorous certification process.  For now, we use it ourselves, share it with our friends and barter with neighbors...

If you are interested in any of our products, we will mail orders using USPS Priority Mail.