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Five Acre


Photo by Quana L. Bice

Photos above taken by one of our loyal egg customers...  Thank you Quana!

Photo by Quana L. Bice

Photo by Quana L. Bice

Pastured Poultry Interest Form

Use this form to let us know of your interest.  This is not an order form.  We will contact you by phone and/or email to discuss guaranteeing your order.


Pastured Poultry

We raise Freedom Ranger meat chickens.   During grazing weather, we raise birds that would naturally free range but also have the features of traditional broilers but with more flavor.  We find that these birds grow to 5-7 lbs in approximately 12 weeks on a free range diet of grass, weeds, seeds, and insects supplemented with local antibiotic free feed.  We pick up day old chicks from the hatchery and raise them for about 7 days in a brooder.  They transition to the coop and remain under a heat lamp when the weather calls for it.  When they are about two weeks old, they transition to the pasture where they run and flap their wings and do what chickens do - enjoy a dust bath, scratch at the ground, pursue anything that resembles an insect, and consume bugs and plant material.  They still have full access to the coop and their supplemental feed at all times.  

At dusk, the birds retreat to the safety of the coop at which time, we close the door to the ramp protecting them from predators.  At dawn, the door to the ramp is open again so that they can range freely in the pasture.

Processing animals is never pleasant.  But we ensure our birds live and eat well and are processed quickly and humanely.  Because we grow less than 1,000 birds a year, we are able to process on our farm.  We follow the New York State On Farm Processing Guidelines and are thus, able to offer our poultry on our farm or at local farmer's markets.   We used to pluck each bird by hand but have invested in the famous Whizbang Chicken Plucker (developed by Herrick Kimball in Moravia, NY) which cuts down on processing time (45 minutes to about 3) and ensures our birds are plucked cleanly.  We plan to have birds to be available after September 3rd frozen anytime and fresh on processing days for $15.00 each.   All poultry is processed according to the NY On Farm Processing Guidelines and frozen whole (with giblets inside the cavity).   

During the colder months - particularly winter when there is little for birds to graze on, we occasionally raise traditional meat birds (Cornish Cross Rocks) which are mature at 6-weeks.  We purchased from Meyer hatchery in Ohio this time and this batch will be ready around November 1st.

Pastured Poultry & Eggs


Our small flock of brown (and a few green) egg laying chickens have their own large pasture on which they graze on grass, weeds, seeds, and insects.  We have an assortment of Rhode Island Reds, Copper Maran, and a few that we hatched of our own.  We do have a rooster (Admiral) who hatched on our farm... one of our hens disappeared - we found her in an old hutch with a few newly hatched chicks.  We supplement our birds with Agway's Layer Pellet and oyster shell.  We also serve them roots and shoots from micro greens from our fellow market vendors!  This is much appreciated by the birds, particularly in winter when green grass is sparse.

We check the laying boxes several times a day and immediately wash and refrigerate the eggs to ensure quality.  We sell our eggs large brown eggs locally (from our home) and at the Broome Regional Farmers' Market in Binghamton.