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  Goat Milk Soap & Lotion

Why Soap & Lotion?

Schooled as a high school agricultural science teacher, Michele learned the basics of soap making at a professional development workshop.   After owning goats for just a few months, it was evident that they needed to start earning their keep!  It was also important to find a use for all that milk!  Besides drinking fresh goat milk and making cheese, there has been plenty of milk left over for soap.  And soap making has been a family affair.  Bert built a milking stand.  Michele built a couple of acrylic 5 lb soap molds.  Bert built a (state of the art) soap cutter to easily slice straight uniformly sized bars.  As a family they box and label as many as 100 bars of soap at a time. 

Then came lotion.  The first winter, Nellie had terribly chapped udders.  Michele looked for a lotion a the local feed store -- "The local Dairy farmers buy this by the case for their girls -- it works great!"  But just a small bottle was nearly $30 for the cool peppermint stuff.  Some internet research provided a simple recipe - since it had no preservative, it needed to be refrigerated -- but in the winter, it kept just fine in the barn.  Michele noticed how soft her hands became when putting it on Nellie, and her udders improved quickly.  Some more research on preservatives and labeling -- and a market (Owego Agway) helped us develop a variety of scents.  We also offer wholesale soap and lotion sales for those who wish to resell.

goat milk lotion / goat milk soap

Goat Milk Soap and more... at Our Five Acre Homestead

We feature goat milk soap, and goat milk lotion.  Our Five Acre Homestead is a small family farm located in New York's Southern Tier.  We raise dairy and meat goats as well as pasture poultry.  We offer goat milk products, including more than a dozen varieties of soaps and lotions.  We are a small operation making the most of our five acres.  We farm because we enjoy it  and we find that our neighbors appreciate locally grown, farm fresh meat and eggs.  Our goal is to make the most of the land that we have doing something we truly enjoy.  For us, it is embracing a way of life.  Farming is full of challenges and always keeps life interesting.  But the best part for us is our small goat herd and watching each of them with their own unique personalities.  At the end of the day we tuck them in the barn for the night and pause to watch... The kids as they expend their last bit of energy butting heads; the does as they choose a corner of the stall to relax in for the night; or any one of them as they stand on their hind legs and peer over the gate for a last scratch by one of their caretakers before we turn out the lights.  We love them all - even SweetPea who has a "blood curdling" blat that we wish we could break....  Alas as they nibble on the best hay in town (that from Horstmann Hills Farm in Candor, NY) we turn out the light so that we may retire for some quiet time before we turn in for the night.   As we walk to the house, we dream about building more stalls, erecting additional fencing, who to breed and when...

Michele loves to teach and hopes to post soap and lotion making "how to" videos in the future.  While our site is finally up and running, it is a work in progress!  Be patient as we edit and update it with more information -- but we're ready to offer our soap and lotion to the public!

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